HOA Services


Wednesday, December 25th- No services provided. Service will resume on Saturday for trash collection. If your recycle day is normally Wednesday, recycle service will resume Wednesday January 8, 2020. If you have more than what will fit in your recycle container, please put the extra recycle in clear or white bags and/or boxes.
Saturday, December 28th -Normal Service provided
Wednesday, January 1st - No services provided. Trash Service will resume on Saturday January 4, 2020. If your recycle is normally Wednesday, recycle service will resume Wednesday January 8. 2020.
Saturday, January 4th -Normal Service provided
Wednesday, January 8th -Normal Service provided.


The Birnam Wood CAI Homeowners Association is here to serve all homeowners in Birnam Wood III, IV, V and Villages of Spring Oaks I, II, III and IV.

The following is just some of the things that need to be done when managing a large subdivision like ours. Please understand this is an abbreviated list and does not cover ALL tasks. If you have any questions about the services we provide, contact us at 281.350.8556 .

  • Pay the bills: Street Lights, Constable Protection, Mosquito Spraying and Taxes to name a few.
  • Bank Deposits, Petty Cash Management.
  • Operate computer software to manage each property owners account.
  • Arrange and retain accounting and legal services and on some occassions, appear in court.
  • Board Meetings both closed and open to manage yearly budgets and other agenda items.
  • Annex property when it is to the advantage of home owners as a whole.
  • Retain services for common area landscaping, and neglected or vacant properties.
  • Answer questions or otherwise help homeowners that are not sure how to do something.
  • Enforce deed restrictions fairly, equally, and completely. And to investigate and/or arbitrate alleged deed restriction violation(s) reported by one home owner about another.
  • Manage rental of common facilities. Inspect facilities after rental to ensure cleanliness, condition and putting any used items back so they are properly stored.
  • Provide Swim Team needs without infringing on homeowner's use of the pool.
  • Hire life guards and someone to manage this seasonal requirement.
  • In rare cases respond to abuse of employees by pool attendees and if necessary have them arrested.
  • See that a pool admittance manager is present during pool hours to check pool cards and eligibility to use the pool facilities.
  • Manage bulk mailing such as the newsletter. Send out letters of noncompliance or other matters such as past due accounts.