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Birnam Wood III Committees

1. Volunteer/Action/Communications/Think/Tank [VACTT]

This is the initial think tank which serves as an umbrella to all committees now and in the future. All ideas, suggestions, goals, recommendations, concerns and comments are encouraged. All homeowners may participate in this communications committee just by attending the meeting.

2. Neighborhood Watch Committee

Do you know your neighbors? What can you do to prevent criminal activity in your part of the neighborhood? How can the youth of our community be part of the solution? What can we do to have greater security? Who do I call for constables? (281) 376-3472

3. Beautification/Deed Restriction Committee

Learn the process of the what, when, and why of deed restriction violations! Be a part of the solution to help make the neighborhood look great thereby increasing property values as the result for a win-win solution for our entire community.

4. Nomination/Voting/Election Committee

What is a proxy and what is it used for? What are the procedures for proxy solicitation? Who s running anyway? What qualities do you want in a candidate who represents your best interests?

5. Finance/Audit/Budget Committee

How can the Association save money and still make improvements and enhancements? Exactly what good is an audit to me? How do we pay for all the expenses incurred from these committees without raising assessments? How can we make the best use of our money?

6. Emergency Services and Grounds Committee

This committee will meet for emergency expenses that need an immediate decision.