What are Assessments?

Assessments are the yearly dues paid to the HOA. 

Do Assessments need to be paid?

Yes. Assessments are compulsory and are required to be paid every year. By purchasing a property within the Birnam Wood III community, the homeowner automatically becomes a member of the HOA and is subject to these annual dues.

How much are Assessments?

Assessments amounts vary depending on which section the property is located. Contact the HOA office to find out your property's rate.

How are Assessments used?

The Assessments fund the operations and maintenance of the Common Areas (such as the park, pool, Clubhouse, and other amenities), pay for security patrols, community mosquito control, management office operations, holiday events, and other ways to the discretion of the Board of Directors. Check out the Budget Reports or attend Board Meetings for more in depth financial reports to see how your Assessments enrich the community.

When are Assessments due?

Assessments are applied annually and due every January 31st for that calendar year. A statement is mailed out to homeowners every November of the previous year. Even if the homeowner does not receive a mailed statement, Assessments will still be due at the end of January. Register an email address to have the annual statement conveniently emailed to your inbox.

How can Assessments be paid?

By mail:
  • Mail a check or money order to Birnam Wood III C.A.I., 23803 Birnam Wood Blvd. Spring, TX 77373
  • Please make sure to note the property address on the memo line.
  • Stop by the office during office hours to pay by cash, check, or money order. Receipts will be available by this method. Please bring exact change if paying by cash; the office will be unable to make change.
  • Drop off check or money order through the mail slot in the Old Office door, or drop it into the black mailbox by the New Office door. Please make sure to note the property address on the memo line.
By Phone:
  • Call the HOA office at 281-350-8556 during operation hours to pay by ACH or credit/debit card. Processing fees apply.
  • ACH Processing Fee: $2.95 per transaction
  • Credit/Debit Card Processing Fee: 3% of amount being paid
  • Register on this website (must be the primary homeowner on record) to see your property's account and pay by ACH or credit/debit card. Processing fees apply.
  • ACH - one time payment: $2.95 per transaction
  • ACH - recurring payments: No processing fee
  • Credit/debit card: 3% of amount being paid

Are payment plans available?

Yes! Three or Four month payment plans are offered when Assessments statements are mailed out in November. For a more customized payment plan, please contact the HOA office. Once the payment plan form is filled out, signed, and returned to the office, holds will be placed on late fees and interest charges for the duration of the plan.

What happens when the Assessments are not paid?

After January 31st, late fees and interest are charged to the property's account each month past due. If left unpaid for a significant amount of time, the property can go into collections, incur attorney's fees, a lien placed against the property, or possibly foreclosure. If there is a lien, then the property cannot get refinanced or sold until the debt is settled. In the case of a foreclosure, the HOA may possess the home.